Ticuna Native Indian School - Amazon

The Ticuna Native School in the Amazon region began in 2003 and is run by Clauber and Deonora Quadros.  The first classroom was on the floor of a little empty shack.  Clauber is a Brazilian anthropologist, who came to the village of Santo Antonio to do research for a project he was doing on the Indians.  Whilst in the village he fell very sick and was cared for by the Indians themselves.  The end result was that he found the Saviour they served and his life was turned around.  Later he married the daughter of the chief of the village and they began to minister to the children round about them.  There is much poverty among the Indians so, as well as help them with their schoolwork, Clauber and Deonora began to provide food, as best they could.  As more children came, it became impossible to cope and Latin American Ministries came alongside to help. With the help of a Swedish Christian group and LAM a new school building was provided and later on LAM added a dining-room/kitchen as well.   A full lunch is now provided for over 300 children, as news of the school has spread to other villages along the river bank as well. Every morning you can see parents bringing their children along the river in their canoes.  Some of the earlier students have now graduated and returned as teachers, others are studying in a Bible College in Manaus, main city of the Amazon region. 

Ticuna Indian School