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New Motorized Canoe for Missionary Clauber

posted 9 Apr 2012, 10:50 by Sandra Quinlan   [ updated 9 Apr 2012, 11:02 ]
A while ago Clauber told us that the original covered 'peque-peque' LAM had bought a few years ago had been stolen and they were struggling to cope with all the work that has to be done in this way.  When the waters are low over a short period of the year it is possible to walk through the jungle to the nearest small town, even though this takes a while, but when the waters rise again all that disappears under water and they are completely cut off without river transport.  Food for the school and the families has to be brought in and what ever is needed from the shops can only be got in that way.  Many times Clauber has been called in an emergency to rush little children to the nearest clinic down river, or to the hospital in the bigger town.  The LAM boat has been a blessing to many lives in the area and they were finding it difficult to cope without one.  Praise God, when we heard of the loss and passed it on to our friends and partners, God had already answered.  An offering had come into the English office specifically dedicated to the Ticunas and with a little bit added was enough to cover a new boat.
  So the second LAM boat is now in operation.  This is a bigger 'passenger' boat able to carry up to 15 or so people and we know it will be well used.  Over the years many of the smaller family fishing boats (peque-peques) have been provided, but this one will be used by the community under the direction of Clauber and in Missionary trips up the largely unknown Javari River to the many communities of isolated indians there.   Clauber informed us of Moises, a young man from the Matse tribe who comes from the Javari area and after giving his life to the Lord came to live near Clauber to study in the Bible College there, as his desire is to take the gospel to his people.  He will also have use of the boat and has now made two short missionary journeys back 'up river' to his people carrying the gospel message and we will be giving a report in the next newsletter.