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Money provided for Clauber's Operation

posted 24 Sept 2010, 11:16 by Sandra Quinlan   [ updated 1 Oct 2010, 09:45 ]
A quick up-date on Clauber'operation, following the report in the last newsletter.  Clauber is the headmaster of Ticuna Indian School in the Amazon.  About three months ago, on the way to pick up resources for the school, he had an accident on the motor bike he was using.  A repair done the day before was faulty and caused his wheel to lock, throwing him off.  The end result was a badly smashed knee which needed an expensive operation, not available in his part of the jungle.  The nearest place would be Manaus, in Brazil, (7 days downriver by ferry boat), or Iquitos in Peru.  Clauber has no health insurance and has been looking into the most economical place to have the operation done.  Just this week he communicated that he had found a doctor in Sao Luiz do Maranhão, several hours distance by plane, that was prepared to help.  The doctor's costs will be over £1,000, plus other expenses, but in the light of all the other places, it is the cheapest available.  Just before we left England we heard that an elderly pensioner, whose heart is with the Ticuna Indian work in particular, had made a deposit of £900 to be used there in some way and when we met her and told her of the upcoming operation that Clauber had to undergo, she was happy for the money to be used in that way.  So we praise God, that before he needed to go in, the money for the doctor's fees was there waiting for him and we are confident that God will provide the rest.  Our prayers are with him at this time, as he is already in Sao Luiz and preparing for the operation.