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Calvirio Street Boy's Home

posted 20 Oct 2010, 03:45 by Sandra Quinlan   [ updated 9 Nov 2010, 06:15 ]
Yesterday Mark and I were down in Calvirio, the Street Boy's Home and met a lovely young couple who have started to help with the running of the Home.  Alexandre has been in the 'Living Word' church since the 80's as a little boy, and knew well Pastor Reinaldo who originally started the work.  Pastor Reinaldo was a lovely man of God and a great friend of ours.  He died very suddenly on Mount Sinai, on a church excursion to Israel.  It was a real shock at the time, but the support team he had raised up determined to carry on with his vision and his son, who was already in Bible School, later graduated and took over the running of the church and continues with all that the pastor held dear.  Alexandre is now married and he and his wife Erica are dedicating their time and vision to the Boy's Home.  A couple of the boys came in from school yesterday whilst we were there and went straight up to them and gave them a hug.  It was lovely to see how well accepted they already are.  Leila looks after the overall running, but cannot be there all the time.  Celia is house mother, but she has been there many years and is getting tired, so it is lovely to see this young couple stepping up and with a real heart for the boys.  At the moment there are only 8 there, but they can have as many as 20, as the authorities pick them up and send them in.  They come from the streets, as runaways, or from bad home situations where they have been abused or abandoned.  Many are really violent when they first come, but the love of God, shown by the staff and the church which they regularly attend, brings a change to most of them and many have acknowledged Jesus as Saviour.  Some spend years there, other just months, but all of them are touched in some way.  The boys have formed a Hip Hop Dance group and perform in many of the local churches too; it is great to see their enthusiasm for this.  J They call themselves The Elect Generation!  What a powerful name and what an effect just the name itself can have on boys who have known nothing but rejection and abuse and who have been outcasts most of their lives.!  God in his mercy can turn all these negative influences around and prove to them that His plans for them are good and in His love they can know a positive future.