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Apostolic Church in Itabirito - 30 year's celebration

posted 17 Mar 2012, 04:07 by Sandra Quinlan   [ updated 18 Mar 2012, 02:53 ]

This February we were blessed with the visit of our daughter Sharon, with her family, husband Phil and Sahara and Keiro.  Unbeknown to
us Sharon had arranged a beautiful surprise.  She and her school friends had planned a reunion in Itabirito, MG, Brazil, where we had lived and worked as missionaries for several years in the 70's/80's and Sharon and David spent a good part of their childhood and she also arranged for Noel to speak in the church we had established by God's grace all those years ago.  What we didn't know was that it was 30 years since the inauguration of the beautiful church building and leaders of the church, childhood friends in our day wanted to bless us knowing also that it is our 50th wedding anniversary this year.  What a wonderful day we had, meeting so many of our friends from those days; seeing how their families had grown and like us they now had grandchildren; best of all seeing that they continued serving and loving the Lord with all their hearts and their children now were also serving Him, some in different towns, but still walking with the Lord.  The service that night was a delight!  Both David and Sharon took part, as well as Noel and our whole family was honoured with flowers and prayers.  We were so blessed!  Samuel and Rafael, Pr. Roberto's sons were there, from BH and Daniel came all the way from Vitoria to be with us.  Truly it was a weekend we will not forget!  Thank you Sharon for arranging it and everyone else who helped make it possible.  God bless you all!