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Here we seek to give an up-to-date account of ongoing situations and hope they will be a blessing to you and a cause for prayer.

Easter in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.a

posted 10 Apr 2012, 01:17 by Sandra Quinlan

We have just received this video of the children's presentation of the true Easter message from "God's Little School".  Check it out; it is beautiful!  :)

New Motorized Canoe for Missionary Clauber

posted 9 Apr 2012, 10:50 by Sandra Quinlan   [ updated 9 Apr 2012, 11:02 ]

A while ago Clauber told us that the original covered 'peque-peque' LAM had bought a few years ago had been stolen and they were struggling to cope with all the work that has to be done in this way.  When the waters are low over a short period of the year it is possible to walk through the jungle to the nearest small town, even though this takes a while, but when the waters rise again all that disappears under water and they are completely cut off without river transport.  Food for the school and the families has to be brought in and what ever is needed from the shops can only be got in that way.  Many times Clauber has been called in an emergency to rush little children to the nearest clinic down river, or to the hospital in the bigger town.  The LAM boat has been a blessing to many lives in the area and they were finding it difficult to cope without one.  Praise God, when we heard of the loss and passed it on to our friends and partners, God had already answered.  An offering had come into the English office specifically dedicated to the Ticunas and with a little bit added was enough to cover a new boat.
  So the second LAM boat is now in operation.  This is a bigger 'passenger' boat able to carry up to 15 or so people and we know it will be well used.  Over the years many of the smaller family fishing boats (peque-peques) have been provided, but this one will be used by the community under the direction of Clauber and in Missionary trips up the largely unknown Javari River to the many communities of isolated indians there.   Clauber informed us of Moises, a young man from the Matse tribe who comes from the Javari area and after giving his life to the Lord came to live near Clauber to study in the Bible College there, as his desire is to take the gospel to his people.  He will also have use of the boat and has now made two short missionary journeys back 'up river' to his people carrying the gospel message and we will be giving a report in the next newsletter.    

Apostolic Church in Itabirito - 30 year's celebration

posted 17 Mar 2012, 04:07 by Sandra Quinlan   [ updated 18 Mar 2012, 02:53 ]

This February we were blessed with the visit of our daughter Sharon, with her family, husband Phil and Sahara and Keiro.  Unbeknown to
us Sharon had arranged a beautiful surprise.  She and her school friends had planned a reunion in Itabirito, MG, Brazil, where we had lived and worked as missionaries for several years in the 70's/80's and Sharon and David spent a good part of their childhood and she also arranged for Noel to speak in the church we had established by God's grace all those years ago.  What we didn't know was that it was 30 years since the inauguration of the beautiful church building and leaders of the church, childhood friends in our day wanted to bless us knowing also that it is our 50th wedding anniversary this year.  What a wonderful day we had, meeting so many of our friends from those days; seeing how their families had grown and like us they now had grandchildren; best of all seeing that they continued serving and loving the Lord with all their hearts and their children now were also serving Him, some in different towns, but still walking with the Lord.  The service that night was a delight!  Both David and Sharon took part, as well as Noel and our whole family was honoured with flowers and prayers.  We were so blessed!  Samuel and Rafael, Pr. Roberto's sons were there, from BH and Daniel came all the way from Vitoria to be with us.  Truly it was a weekend we will not forget!  Thank you Sharon for arranging it and everyone else who helped make it possible.  God bless you all!


posted 14 Mar 2012, 10:06 by Sandra Quinlan

Last year we had a project to help Bete, with her family and blind mother rebuild their home which, although unfinished was now in danger of collapse.  LAM friends and prayer partners valiantly raised over £5,000 towards the costs.  Due to the need for local government permission the project was put on hold until the council passed the rebuilding.  In the meantime the rainy season came round again and several houses in the same area were affected and the council declared the whole area as unsafe and decided to replace all the families to a new block of council apartments just being finished.  Bete and her family were included in thsi transfer and are now safely installed.  Since the money raised was no longer needed for the rebuilding of her home and the hired HQ of  'Compassion'  was very kindly deeded into their hands the  £5,000 was used to put a on new roof, refurbish the bathroom, put in ceramic flooring and re plaster the building.  Work will begin on a new kitchen as soon as funds are available.  Thank God that Bete's problem was solved and the Charity was also blessed.  God is good.

A tribute to Billy

posted 20 Jan 2011, 01:09 by Sandra Quinlan   [ updated 20 Jan 2011, 12:46 ]

This week end we heard of the passing of our dear friend Billy Goggins.  He took ill in December and died on the 15th of this month.  We have known Billy and his wife Esther, for around 50 years and it is hard to believe we will not see him on our next return to Lambourn, though we know he has moved on to a far better place.  Billy was originally from Ireland, but moved to England in his early 20's and Noel had the joy of leading him to the Lord almost 50 years ago and always said that he fell into the kingdom like a ripe plum, he was just so ready to accept the 'Good News'.  Billy grew quickly in the things of the Lord and was soon helping out in different churches.  We lost touch for a while, but events brought us together again when we were on the mission field in Brazil and they were shepherding a church in Farnham UK and ever since we have spent part of our furloughs and return trips to England together.  Billy and Esther have been constantly behind us down through those years and a tower of strength in every situation.  Twenty odd years ago they moved to Lambourn and Billy became the pillar that kept the Methodist church there open. His sincere love for the Lord gave him a real heart for people in all walks of life and many, many lives were touched and blessed by him and his testimony will live on through them all.  We will miss you Billy!

Jorge returns to Calvirio

posted 16 Jan 2011, 09:50 by Sandra Quinlan   [ updated 16 Jan 2011, 10:10 ]

Jorge was thrown onto the streets at the age of 15 and a friend brought him to Pastor Reinaldo, founder of Calvirio Street Boys Refuge.  As he was over the age limit for the Home, the pastor said he could stay the night and they would see what they could do.  That became the first night of 2 ½ years!  Then to quote Jorge, his own stubbornness caused him to leave.  If you speak to him today he will tell you how much he misses the Home and those who run it.  His testimony is that everything he is and has learnt is because of Pastor Reinaldo, whom he calls his 'father' and 'Aunty' Leila, the supervisor, and he owes them his thanks.  Pastor Reinaldo has since died and his son, Pastor Junior is in control, but to Jorge, Pastor Reinaldo will always be alive in his heart.       
We met Jorge again, after 6 years at the Christmas Coffee Morning dedicated to the staff and supporters of the Home.  It was such a joy to see him there after all this time and also with him, his new wife and little daughter of just 21 days, who was being dedicated that night.  The little family is doing well, Jorge is working and the they attend the local Baptist Church and give God all the glory.

Calvirio Street Boy's Home

posted 20 Oct 2010, 03:45 by Sandra Quinlan   [ updated 9 Nov 2010, 06:15 ]

Yesterday Mark and I were down in Calvirio, the Street Boy's Home and met a lovely young couple who have started to help with the running of the Home.  Alexandre has been in the 'Living Word' church since the 80's as a little boy, and knew well Pastor Reinaldo who originally started the work.  Pastor Reinaldo was a lovely man of God and a great friend of ours.  He died very suddenly on Mount Sinai, on a church excursion to Israel.  It was a real shock at the time, but the support team he had raised up determined to carry on with his vision and his son, who was already in Bible School, later graduated and took over the running of the church and continues with all that the pastor held dear.  Alexandre is now married and he and his wife Erica are dedicating their time and vision to the Boy's Home.  A couple of the boys came in from school yesterday whilst we were there and went straight up to them and gave them a hug.  It was lovely to see how well accepted they already are.  Leila looks after the overall running, but cannot be there all the time.  Celia is house mother, but she has been there many years and is getting tired, so it is lovely to see this young couple stepping up and with a real heart for the boys.  At the moment there are only 8 there, but they can have as many as 20, as the authorities pick them up and send them in.  They come from the streets, as runaways, or from bad home situations where they have been abused or abandoned.  Many are really violent when they first come, but the love of God, shown by the staff and the church which they regularly attend, brings a change to most of them and many have acknowledged Jesus as Saviour.  Some spend years there, other just months, but all of them are touched in some way.  The boys have formed a Hip Hop Dance group and perform in many of the local churches too; it is great to see their enthusiasm for this.  J They call themselves The Elect Generation!  What a powerful name and what an effect just the name itself can have on boys who have known nothing but rejection and abuse and who have been outcasts most of their lives.!  God in his mercy can turn all these negative influences around and prove to them that His plans for them are good and in His love they can know a positive future.

Great News!

posted 12 Oct 2010, 10:45 by Sandra Quinlan   [ updated 13 Oct 2010, 13:06 ]

We have just received news from Pastor Haydn Greenow, Rhyl, N. Wales; of the deposit of £750 towards Bete's house in the 'Serra Favela' in Belo Horizonte. Haydn is the present leader of "Occupy Till I Come", a UK Charitable organization;which was originally started by Ivy Redmonds; a very dear lady whom we have known for many years.  In those early days Ivy collected Greenshield Stamps from many different people and used them to bless missionaries on the different fields with magazines and other reminders of the homeland.   We ourselves received many such blessings from her hands when we were first on the mission field.  In between the pages of the magazines we often found teabags and other things and it was always an excitement to see what had been sent to us this time.  In those days, such things were impossible to get, where we were and Ivy was a source of tremendous blessing and encouragement to us.  We honour her for the wonderful work that she did and for the warm heart that she had for the missionaries overseas and praise God for the continuing work of their mission.
Latin American Ministries will up that donation by £250, from other precious gifts coming in and will now be able to send another £1,000 towards the new building.  Thank you all of you!

A report from Ruth, our National Secretary

posted 11 Oct 2010, 04:34 by Sandra Quinlan   [ updated 12 Oct 2010, 04:22 ]

Last Saturday Raymond and I had a refreshment stand at the Militaria sale, with the proceeds going to Latin American Ministries and it was a really good day!   The Militaria sale is a regular event with all kinds of Militaria memorabilia, something which Raymond is very much involved in  and attracts a lot of people from all over Ireland.

It is amazing how many Christian men take part in this event; and they are so generous; and it is great to be able to talk to them and to encourage one another.


The Lord really blessed us; we raised £146.00 in the sale of refreshments and received one donation of £10 and another donation of £200.  So I will be lodging £356.00!  God is so faithful.  I don’t know who donated the £200 – they donated £100.00 last time too, but we know that the Lord will surely bless them. Everyone is so generous.  


I hope this will be an encouragement to others to do similar events in their house/churches etc.  It is a great source of fun and fellowship too.

Money provided for Clauber's Operation

posted 24 Sept 2010, 11:16 by Sandra Quinlan   [ updated 1 Oct 2010, 09:45 ]

A quick up-date on Clauber'operation, following the report in the last newsletter.  Clauber is the headmaster of Ticuna Indian School in the Amazon.  About three months ago, on the way to pick up resources for the school, he had an accident on the motor bike he was using.  A repair done the day before was faulty and caused his wheel to lock, throwing him off.  The end result was a badly smashed knee which needed an expensive operation, not available in his part of the jungle.  The nearest place would be Manaus, in Brazil, (7 days downriver by ferry boat), or Iquitos in Peru.  Clauber has no health insurance and has been looking into the most economical place to have the operation done.  Just this week he communicated that he had found a doctor in Sao Luiz do Maranhão, several hours distance by plane, that was prepared to help.  The doctor's costs will be over £1,000, plus other expenses, but in the light of all the other places, it is the cheapest available.  Just before we left England we heard that an elderly pensioner, whose heart is with the Ticuna Indian work in particular, had made a deposit of £900 to be used there in some way and when we met her and told her of the upcoming operation that Clauber had to undergo, she was happy for the money to be used in that way.  So we praise God, that before he needed to go in, the money for the doctor's fees was there waiting for him and we are confident that God will provide the rest.  Our prayers are with him at this time, as he is already in Sao Luiz and preparing for the operation.

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