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David, our eldest son, is married to Bebel and they have three children, Donny, Daniele and Angel.  David has an international ministry of Praise and Worship called "Passion, Fire and Glory" and travels frequently.  They also have an outreach ministry to the needy children in the slums of the city of Belo Horizonte, where they live, called "Compassion".  This ministry includes a TV programme with the same name.  Click on Project Compassion to read all about their work.  
To link to David's ministry site, click on the PFG logo.    

Sharon, our daughter, is married to Philip Smethurst; together they run Overland Missions; an outreach mission to Africa and many other parts of the world.  Philip is from South Africa and they have two children, Sahara and Keiro.  Their motto, Any Road, Any Load, Any Time, aptly describes their heart, as they incentivate young people to awaken to the call of the peoples of the world.  Summer teams go out to various parts of Africa, South America and other places with the Gospel message and practical assistance.  As well as young people's teams, 'Overland' distributes vitamins, medicines, runs a Bible School, holds Rural Pastor's seminars and establishes schools in interior villages.  
                                     To learn more about Philip and Sharon and        Click on the OM logo.

Mark, our youngest son, is married to Vivian and they have two children, Gabriel and Natasha.  Before Mark and Vivian joined LAM, they worked for two years with Overseas Radio and Television, in Taiwan.  ORTV is a Christian multimedia organization to the Chinese and David also spent a year with them.  They teach English on radio and T.V., as a means of outreach and many important Taiwanese officials have been through their schools.  They also have an international ministry to Chinese people all over the world through the Heavenly Melody Singers.  This ministry was started 60 years ago by Doris Brougham, an American missionary, who continues with them to this day.
 To learn more about ORTV, click on the ORTV logo.  

Noel and Sandra Quinlan are on the Board of "United Christian Broadcasters, Brasil", led by Silvia Calmon and participate with them in taking the gospel to the Ticuna Indians through a radio programme and literature in their native language.
To learn more about the other outreaches of UCB BRASIL, click on the logo. 

Martin And Rebeca Davison are missionaries in Maués, Amazon, Brazil and great friends of ours.  Along with Pastor Gualter and Jacksilene, they are the leaders of The Living Word Church and School there.  Latin American Ministries supported this work for many years, helping with the building of the church and school and sponsoring many of the children there. They now have a mission of their own called "Outreach Amazon".
To learn more of their work in the Amazon, click on their logo. 

Christian Broadcasters Network - CBN - carries many news items, messages and articles of interest to Christians.  It is also a favourite site for Daily Bible Readings. 
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