Recent Events

Children from the Balleygowan Presbyterian Sunday School had the chance to learn about other children in South America over this Easter month, as Mark and Gillian Rodgers, friends and long-time LAM supporters, invited two of our trustees Ruth and Raymond Griffiths to talk about LAM's work among the needy children there.  They saw and handled spears from the Amazon, which are used for fishing and hunting and were really interested in all they saw and heard.  Ruth and Raymond have visited the works several times and have much to tell.  If you would like them to visit your church group or school, please give them a call.  Who knows what seeds have been sown in these little ones hearts?  Maybe future missionaries will be the results, only God knows.

Young people from the Carrickfergus 
Congregational Church and others took part in the Belfast Marathon, N. Ireland, on LAM's behalf and raised a wonderful total of £3,600 (and counting) towards improvements to 'Compassion' HQ in the Belo Horizonte Shanty Town in Brazil.  The event was organized by Jim and Vina Higgins and their son Philip.  Several from Philip's work took part.  The weather was beautiful and many of our Latin American Ministries family also went along to cheer them on.   It was a great day, full of fun and with a picnic at the end, as well as raising money for a worthwhile cause!  Thank you young people for your wonderful effort and hard work on behalf of LAM and the needy children in Brazil!

In February of this year Ruth Griffiths, our National Secretary, and Heather Crooks mounted a stand in the Fair Trade Civic Centre.  They were showing tipical Ticuna Indian jewellery and other Brazilian knick knacks.  All proceeds were for LAM and the Indians in particular.  In the photo they are with Alan Liddle, Environment Officer for Northern Ireland and a friend.  Thank you Ruth and Heather, for placing LAM and the need of the Ticuna Indians on the map in this way.
Ruth has a selection of this beautiful, original, native jewellery available for sale for LAM.


Lambourn Methodist Church and their leaders Billy and Esther Goggins have been good friends of ours for many years and generous supporters of all LAM's work among the needy children of Brazil, since our early beginnings.  In July of this year the Lambourn Church Ladies had a Table Sale, specifically for Bete's House in the Belo Horizonte Shanty Town and raised a tremendous sum of £550, which the church then doubled to £1,100.  This church really has a heart for missions and regularly has sales and other activities to help as many missionaries as possible.  Thank you Ladies for the effort put in on LAM's behalf and Bete in particular.

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