Compassion, Belo Horizonte

Our eldest son David has a ministry of Praise and Worship which takes him to many parts of Brazil and beyond.  For some time they have had a desire to bless needy children in the communities around them and in 2005 received a call for help from a couple working in the Serra Shanty town, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  Later the couple moved to a different town and David and Bebel continued and expanded the work begun by them and 'Compaixao' (Compassion), as a ministry was born.  From those early beginnings of a room in a tiny apartment, they moved to a small church hall and later rented a house in the shanty town itself, which is open at all times for the children round about.  They started off giving help with school subjects and from there progressed to many different classes: computers, arts and crafts, theatre, dancing, singing and music workshops.  A local school in the area indicates children most in need of help and they are encouraged to participate.  Meals are also provided and children are taken on excursions and trips to give them a chance to see outside their area.  The house is now proving to be too small and a purpose-built headquarters is needed.  Land has been obtained in the shanty town and plans for a new building are being drawn up.
David and Bebel also have a T.V. programme dedicated to the same end and every week a needy family is shown and interviewed, to present their problem to the viewers in the hope that help will be provided.  In this way many families have been blessed and currently funds are being raised to build a new home for a family whose home collapsed in the recent floods.  Latin American Ministries joined with Compassion this year to help with the children's work and also the new home building.

Latin American Ministries - Compassion, Belo Horizonte