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Early days - Children


Latin American Ministries' first project was "Meu Lar Home" in Vitória, Brazil, run by Pastor Antonio Carlos and his wife Evanilda. They looked after the children of unmarried mothers, so allowing them to work and keep their family together. When we first met them the facilities were very basic and they were struggling to keep the home open. LAM raised money for a kitchen and showers, also a playground and perimeter walls.  
Next in '98 came CEMEC Children's Home in Salvador, Brazil, run by Pastor Elio and Celeste. They had taken in 25 unwanted children from the streets. This had meant a move from their own little house to a bigger rented one for them all. Then the owners wanted to sell it to them, but Elio and Celeste couldn't afford to buy it. Latin American Ministries joined several churches and provided the bulk of the money for the purchase. Later more money was raised for a new roof and other changes. Today CEMEC is being supported by a denomination in Canada.

"Gateway of Faith" is in Cuiabá, Brazil. We first saw it in 1997 when it was just a brick shell that was beginning to crumble. It had been the pastor's dream to help young people without any future, but the building had been on hold for a long time as the pastor didn't have any more money to finish it. Over the next four years Latin American Ministries raised money to complete the building and it was dedicated in June 2000.

Latin American Ministries became involved with "Calvirio" Children's Home in Rio in 1999. The foundations of the original Home, with two little rooms were beginning to sink as there is an open sewer right behind it's back wall. LAM is providing the finance for a new building in a safe area and when it is finished, it will be big enough for 50 street children instead of the maximum of 12 that it now holds. The lower part of the building has already been made into a school for very poor children in the area.

In 2001 Latin American Ministries joined forces with Pastor Janio to help build a school in a shanty town near Rio. Revival broke out through the children's work, necessitating the building of a church in the area too. LAM joined with Pastor Janio to fund the major part of this project and in November of 2005 a new building was opened by Pastor Brian Madden from N. Ireland.  It included the school downstairs and the church upstairs.  LAM supported the children and staff of the school until it had to close in December 2009, due to the local Council's decision to pull down the area and relocate the inhabitants elsewhere.

Also in 2001 Latin American Ministries began to work with Pastor Luiz Carlos and his wife Glória in Maués, a small town on the banks of a tributary of the Amazon River. in January of 2002 a church building big enough for 500 people was dedicated and in March of 2003 a school with 60 children from the poorest families in the town opened it's doors.  The school continues to flourish, led by Martin and Rebeca Davison and provides for 100 children these days.  In 2008 it came under the auspices of Elim Church UK and is now supported by them. 

In 2003 Latin American Ministries came in contact with a young couple called Adilson and Roberta Malaquias and "Project Salt for the Earth". Their aim: to keep young people off the streets, giving them access to various professions and at the same time teaching them the Word of God  From its small beginnings with one Judo class for 6 children, they now run a Community Centre with various classes and courses free of charge and also Bible Clubs for over 100.  LAM has been involved with support for the children and staff since then.