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Early Days - Evangelism


On the night of Noel's conversion he saw the Lord Jesus and experienced for himself the tremendous love of God;  because of this, evangelism has always been very dear to his heart. So when Noel and Sandra took early retirement in 1995 to work on behalf of the children, they were also free to answer calls for evangelistic meetings that he began to receive. They had served the Lord in the pastorate for twenty-five years with the Apostolic Church from Great Britain; eighteen in Portugal and Brazil, and a further seven in Ireland and North Wales, but now God was moving them back to Noel's first love and Latin American Ministries was born.


Buenos Ares, Argentina 1997     Curitiba, Brazil 1999                 Maues 2000                      Ticuna Indians 2001

As a direct result of ministry in different areas of Brazil, the Lord placed a new challenge upon their hearts. They came across churches in need of new buildings, but with congregations with hardly anyone working and those that did with a minimum wage of around $60 a month. One of those was in the Amazon in Maués and Latin American Ministries funded a good part of the new church building there which was inaugurated in January 2002 Jim and Vina Higgins (LAM trustees) were also at the inauguration and Jim ministered for the special services held. As well as a church, a school is now functioning for needy children. 

MAUÉS Church going up

In the same year work started on a church building in Vila Alzira (Black Valley) Shanty Town near Rio de Janeiro, where Latin American Ministries had already helped to build a school. Lives were transformed as people met with Jesus (including professional killers), and their radical testimonies brought many along to the meetings and found the love of Jesus for themselves.  The little school building, doubling as a church, just couldn't cope with the two functions and a new building was needed. Through the generous help of one family in particular a new building was put up, which was inaugurated in December 2002, bringing much blessing to the area.

VILA ALZIRA church going up.

In 1999 Noel and Sandra Quinlan came into contact with a Native Ticuna Indian in this same Shanty town in Rio de Janeiro and they were invited to the inauguration of the first All-Indian Bible School in the Amazon Jungle, in January 2000. Noel had the privilege of being one of the guest speakers and God gave him a vision of a ferry boat full of Ticuna evangelists, carrying the gospel message up and down the Amazon River.  Wherever they landed a little church was established and glorious colours of the rainbow spread out in all directions.  With this visit a whole new area of work opened up for Latin American Ministries. God joined our hearts to Pastor Eli e his mission OMITTAS and funds were raised to build a HQ, replace some of the Bible school buildings and provide motorized canoes for some of the pastors.  Then in 2003 LAM joined forces with Clauber and Deonora (daughter of one of the Ticuna chiefs) to start the first Christian school among the Indians.  (See Ticuna Indian School page)